What we do in a clinical trial

TrichoScan® Research is not for sale as a commercial tool. We offer the analysis as a service in association with a clinical trial. Our services are far beyond the mere calculation of hair parameters. Typical examples of our services are: 

  • Study design (e.g.. suitable endpoints, minimal study population, study duration, number of visits, blinding, randomisation, etc.)
  • Study materials (e.g. image data bank, camera, software, hair clipper etc.)
  • Training of investigators (e.g. suitable target sites, how to clipp hairs, how to tattoo, TrichoScan® hands-on training, etc. see also our videos at Download.)
  • Instruction with typical images, see also: Download.
  • Calculation of results and data transfer via Excel-file.
  • On request we can also perform the statistical analysis.  

For our services we do not need to know the name or structure of the study drug. In any case we will sign a confidentiality agreement. All services will be charged per analysed image. For further information, please contact us.

Videos demonstrating the TrichoScan® procedure