TrichoScan® – User Survey

Approx. 3 – 6 months after the purchase of TrichoScan®-Software, physicians were asked to fill in a questionnaire. Users of TrichoScan® Professional were asked how satisfied they were with the tool, how often TrichoScan was used and who did the different procedures. 187 clients filled in the questionnaire.

How good is TrichoScan®?

135 out of 144 users (93%) gave us an overall positive feedback. Clients with negative experiences were asked about their main complaint. In nearly all cases difficulties with hair clipping and in the use of the hair dye resulted in non-analysable images and consequently in negative scores in our questionnaire.

User survey summary
Fig. 1: Scoring of TrichoScan® Software by physicians

How often is TrichoScan® used?

On average TrichoScan was used in clinical practice 3 times a week. 7% of all TrichoScan users reported they use the device more than 10 times per week.

Who performs the hair clipping and applies hair dye?

In 83% of all cases nurses or technicians perform TrichoScan® procedures.

Who analyses the images?

In 82% of all clinicians (mostly dermatologists) perform the TrichoScan® analysis themselves. In nearly all cases (92%) in front of the patient.