TrichoScan Update - Version 4

May 19th 2018, Bologna, Meeting of the European Hair Research Society: Prof. Hofmann presents new TrichoScan clinical trial results, new Trichoscan hardware and software.

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Hair loss or thinning hair is a common complaint in clinical dermatology. However, patients seeking advice for hair loss are not necessarily bald and the effects of treatment attempts can be hard to measure. Consequently, there is a need for a sensitive tool to monitor hair loss and treatment response. Such a method must be able to analyze the biological parameters of hair growth, such as hair density (n/cm2), hair diameter (µm), hair growth rate (mm/day), or anagen/telogen ratio. The different versions of TrichoScan® offer such tools and in the following pages you will learn more about the sensitivity, precision, and usefulness of TrichoScan®.

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  • TrichoScan® is the first computerized trichogram made available worldwide that calculates hair growth parameters easily and rapidly.
  • It calculates responses to treatment in patients with pattern alopecia, enables a precise follow up of hair densities, and much more.
  • TrichoScan® is a painless procedure which is highly reliable and gives validated results.

How good is TrichoScan®?

135 out of 144 users (93%) gave us an overall positive feedback. Clients with negative experiences were asked about their main complaint. In nearly all cases difficulties with hair clipping and in the use of the hair dye resulted in non-analysable images and consequently in negative scores in our questionnaire. More results from our user survey...


TrichoScan in HD

New HD camera technology now allows even more precise TrichoScan analysis. Our distributors Dermoscan and FotoFinder now offer high-resolution camera systems. Specially adapted to the TrichoScan is DermoScans TrichoScan HD System.

Reply (Int J Trichology. 2010 Jan;2(1):5-13.)

With interest we read the article by Saraogi published in the
International Journal of Trichology (Int J Trichology. 2010

Read the complete article.

Reliability data

In several in house trails we calculated the precision and reliability of TrichoScan® Research. For further informations please read the most recent results of the 3.0 version at  Download.